Ts.ED Framework
for Node.js and TypeScript

Build your awesome server-side application.   #Decorators#Rest API#DI#Controller #Decorators

Why Ts.ED?

Ts.ED is a Node.js Framework on top of Express/Koa.js. Written in Typescript, it helps you build your server-side application easily and quickly. If you want to start a complete out-of-the-box project or fully customize it yourself, Ts.ED will guide you there !

Rest API

Create your Rest API easily and create different version paths of your API compliant with OpenSpec and JsonSchema.


Don't waste your time with configuration, the server is preconfigured to start quickly! Try our CLI.


Choose between different plugins to create your own stack.

Class based

Define class as Controller, Model, Providers (DI), Pipes, Middlewares, etc...


A lot of decorators are provided to structure your code and define routes and methods.


To test or not to test? isn't a question. Ts.ED embeds some features to test your code! See more.

Our awesome contributors

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    Ts.ED is under MIT-license and is an open-source project. Many thanks to our sponsors, partners and backers who contribute to promote and support our project!

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