# ControllerProvider Class

import { ControllerProvider } from "@tsed/common"

# Overview

class ControllerProvider extends Provider<any> implements IControllerProvider {
    router: Express.Router & {
        [index: string]: any;
    path: string;
    constructor(provide: any);
    get endpoints(): EndpointMetadata[];
    get children(): IChildrenController[];
    set children(children: IChildrenController[]);
    get routerOptions(): IRouterSettings;
    set routerOptions(value: IRouterSettings);
    get parent(): any;
    get middlewares(): IControllerMiddlewares;
    set middlewares(middlewares: IControllerMiddlewares);
    getEndpointUrl(routerPath?: string): string;
    hasEndpointUrl(): boolean;
    hasChildren(): boolean;
    hasParent(): boolean;

# Constructor

constructor(provide: any)

Controllers that depend to this controller.

# Members

router: Express.Router & {
     [index: string]: any;

path: string

The path for the controller

get endpoints(): EndpointMetadata[]

get children(): IChildrenController[]

set children(children: IChildrenController[])

get routerOptions(): IRouterSettings

set routerOptions(value: IRouterSettings)

get parent(): any

get middlewares(): IControllerMiddlewares

set middlewares(middlewares: IControllerMiddlewares)

getEndpointUrl(routerPath?: string): string

Resolve final endpoint url.

hasEndpointUrl(): boolean

hasChildren(): boolean

hasParent(): boolean